About IcyBlasts

Our aim

Our aim is to provide the easiest and best way of checking the weather forecast for your winter sports destination regardless of whether you're using a smartphone, tablet or computer.

How are the forecasts produced?

By using data from computer forecasting models. We make extensive use of the American GFS, GEFS, and CFSv2 models. Medium range forecasts of up to 16 days are usually updated 4 times each day. Long range trend forecasts are updated once each day.

Who runs IcyBlasts?

IcyBlasts is maintained and operated by Technimatch Ltd in the United Kingdom. All development is done in-house.

Will IcyBlasts remain free?

The intention is to keep IcyBlasts free as new featured are added in. There are no plans to introduce a premium subscription model. If you'd like a new feature or resort forecast adding please contact us.