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Arpege overview

Meteo France Arpege precipitation, wind gust and temperature charts. Step interval 1 hour.


Snow hotspots

7 day forecast snow hotspots

Forecasts are update every 6 hours. Large local variations often occur and accumulations are affected by factors such as compression and melting.

GFS Overview

Global Forecast System (GFS) Precipitation, Freezing level, and maximum temperature forecasts. Step interval 3 hours.


Short range

30 hours weather


0°C 180m - 2363m

Snow 0cm

-11°C to 5°C


0°C 1023m - 2369m

Snow 0cm

-10°C to 7°C


0°C 958m - 2427m

Snow 1cm

-10°C to 6°C


0°C 415m - 2031m

Snow 0cm

-12°C to 7°C


0°C 0m - 1368m

Snow 0cm

-12°C to 2°C


0°C 0m - 4062m

Snow 1cm

-12°C to 10°C


0°C 0m - 390m

Snow 0cm

-9°C to 1°C


0°C 1199m - 2369m

Snow 0cm

-5°C to 7°C

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Computer model charts

Weather forecast charts for Europe, North America and Japan updated every 6 hours. Includes guidance on freezing levels and snowfall. For snowfall probability check the GEFS ensemble.

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View GEFS ensemble

Superb snow

Our in-house blog discussing the weather prospects for the major winter sports areas.

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